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Maa Vaishno Devi Tour

History of Maa Vaishno Devi:

Maa Vaishno devi Born as Vaishnavi.She was later instructed by Shri Rama to set an Ashram at trikuta hills to meditate and grow spiritullay all over the world. When Devi resided in Trikuta hills in Katra , Mahayogi Goraksha Nath ji sent his disciple Bhairo nath to test whether the devi had yet attained a higher level of spiritually. But Bharionath starts pestering to marry devi.

To continue meditation Maa Vaishno move towards the hills and Bhaironath starts following her. Then Maa Vaishno Devi kills Bhaironath , while dying he realize his mistake and aplolized. Then Mata not only forgave him but also gave him a boon. Vaishno Maa give a Boon, whenever a Devotee comes to darshan/Yatra of Maa, then every devotee get darshan of  Bhairo Nath, then Yatra will be completed.

How to reach to Maa vaishno devi temple from Train ?

  1. The Temple of Mata rani situated in Jammu City. We can reach Jammu by air, rail or road. Jammu Airport has its own airport situated 50 Kms away from katra name Jammu Civil enclave also called satwari airport. And Nearest Railway station to Katra is Shri Maa Vaishno devi railway station.  From Shri Vaishno devi Station to Katra bus stand distance is 1.5 Kms and Local Auto facilities available to reach the bus stand.
  2. If You travelling by train, other nearest station is Jammu Tawi Railway station. Which is 42 Kms from Katra and it takes approx 1-2 hours to reach Katra.
  3. You can also reach Jammu by road, as it well connected by road. We can reach here by book a bus or a private vehicle/taxi.

When We reach to Katra then we need to start the yatra to Devi Maa Darshan. And the Yatra can do by multiple way. Below are way we can reach Bhawan.

  1. By Trek (Around 13 Kms )
  2. By Helicopter
  3. By Palki, ponis and Pithoos

Before We start it is mandatory to take your Yatra registration from Yatra Booking counter. Yatra Booking available in nearby to bus stand and as well as railway station.

Booking Counder Katra


How to reach Vaishno devi darshan  Easily from Katra ?

By Helicopter

Easiest way to reach Bhawan , Devotee can book an helicopter to reach Maa Vaishno temple. It is 2 kms away from Katra on udham road. It takes around 30 Mintues to reach Sanjichat helipad from Katra. From Sanjichat it is around 2.5 Kms from Maa Vaishno Bhawan.

Bhawan to Sanjhi Chaat

By Ponies or Pitthos

From main entrance of Yatra from Darshan Deodhi to Adi Kumari and further to Bhawan and to Bhairon Temple. We can also book between any two points while trekking on the route. Prices are fixed by shrine board and vary from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 depending on the wait and age of the person.

On Foot

Mostly devotee like to complete yatra by on foot. We need to complete 20-30 hours to complete the whole trek. comfortably.The trek route from following points “Darshan deodi” to “Ban Ganga” to “Charan Paduka” to “Adi Kuwari” temple to “Bhawan”.

Darshan Deodi

The main entrance of Trikuta Hills, also known as Darshani Darwaja, because complete Trikuta Hill is clearly visible from here. This is the place where Mata vaishno devi met with Pandit sridhar. Here is security check done here for every devotee and also check yatra purchi.

Darshan deodi

Ban Ganga

From Darshan deodi you will reach Ban Ganga, Here Devotee get Bath in Ganga and start there yatra. As per history, Maa vaishno Devi shoot an arrow in to the ground and spring gush out. And Maa vaishno bath her hair called Ban Ganga.

Charan Paduka

After Getting Bath in Ban Ganga you will reach first temple name Charan Paduka.It is believed that the goddess stopped here for a while and look behind, when bhairo was following Maa Vaishno devi . Here the Footmarks of Devi are available and devotee come here for the first Darshan during the journey to the Bhawan.

Charan Paduka

Adi Kuwari Temple

Mata Vaishno Devi resided here in a cave for 9 month to the worship of Lord Shiva. As a child lives in womb for 9 month, this cave called “Garbh Joon”. Way to Grabh Joon is very narrow . Adi Kuwari is mid point of Yatra and most pilgrims rest here for a while and get refresh. Before Adi Kuwari Darshan you have to get sequence number from Sequence counter. And now a days you have to wait for the hours to visit the cave ie 24 hours can take to get Darshan.

Ardhkuwari Cave


From Ardhkuwari to Bhawan distance is about 7 Km, says approx half of total jourey from Katra to Bhawan. And from Ardhkuwari Battery car service is started by shrine board for the Older Age person. We can book online for booking the battery car. It cost come approx 300 /- INR per person. We can book the ticket from official site of shrine board from Link given Below.

Click Here.

Maa Vaishni Devi Bhawan

Darshan of Bhairo Baba

After the Darshan of Maa Vaishno every devotee go for Darshan of Bhairo Baba. Because Maa Vaishno give Bhairo a boon that every Devotte after darshan of Maa Vaishno should take darshan of Bhairo without this Yarta would not completed.

So you whenever goto Darshan of Maa Vaishno should go for darshan of Bhairo Baba, without it yatra never completed. And after Darshan of Baba devotee returns to their home.

🙏 Jai Mata Di 🙏

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