When DC supply connect to transformer

What Happen when transformer connects to DC supply ?

Can we connects transformer on DC supply ?

When we connects the connects the transformer on DC supply the transformer doesnot work. Because Transformer work on electromagnetic induction which requires changing voltage source. And DC supply is unidirectional.

What will happen when DC connects to transformer ?

This is a common questions asked in the many times, So now we try to understand what happen actually

When a DC voltage is applied to the primary winding of a transformer, due to low resistance, the winding acts as a short circuit across the terminals of the DC source that lead to the flow of heavy current through the winding resulting in overheating of the winding. And transformer may Burn out.

When we coonects the DC Supply connects to transformer , a sudden spike can be recorded due to the initial current inrush and nothing else later as current magnitude starts and then become constant. And as DC supply is unidirectional due to this no EMF is generated and core get satuarted and core become heated.

Refer to below Pic.

DC supply on transformer

  1. When a DC voltage is applied to the transformer’s primary coil, a constant current results in constant flux.
  2. In the primary side of the transformer, the induced EMF will be zero.
  3. The transformer core saturates as a result of this.
  4. The extra current is short-circuited by the transformer’s primary coil
  5. The transformer may be blown away as a result of this.
As a result, the transformer should never be connected to DC rather than AC.


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