How to Calculate KWH ? / What is KWH and it’s used ?

KWH means kilowatt hours. Its used for calculation of electrical energy consumption in Kilowatt (KW) in 1 hour. KWH is unit used for billing the consumers for used of electricity in their home and shops.

We are aware when we used electricity in our home we have to pay against our consumption of electricity by our electricity supplier. Supplier company fixed a Meter that records our energy consumption in the form KWH. Meter Image shown Below for Reference

Now we know how KWH Calculated. As this is kilowatt consumption per hour , we also calculate here energy consumption for 1 month. for this calculation we know about rating of our appliances we are using. Let assume We have 1 Fan of 65 watt Rating (Power), 1 TV of 120 Watt, 1 light bulb of 9 Watt and 1 freeze of 150 Watt. In below table in time column per day usage of equipment

Table 1

Now we can say Fan is running 8 hours a day and using 520 Watt/hour (0.52 KWH), similar to fan all appliances using KWH as shown in table. And end of the day 4.792 KWH or unit consumed in day by the consumer.

Per Day consumption 4.792 if this consumption/ time are fixed. for One Day its 4.792 For month 4.792 x 30= 143.76 KWH Then in calendar month we consume 143.76 KWH and supplier charged us against this KWH consumption. According to supplier per unit charge of KWH varies so that it depend upon the supplier charges. if per unit cost is 3.5 Rs/unit charge. Then Total Cost is 143.76 x 3.5 =503.16 Rs , This is the amount you have to pay.

Now check the table given below for calculation of 1 KWH for every item. If one fan of 65 Watt running 15.4 hours a day then its consume 1 KWH or unit in one day, Similarly all appliances time shown for 1 KWH in one day according to their power rating ie Freeze will consume 1 KWH unit in 6.7 hours.

Table 2

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