How to Do ceiling Fan connection ? Three wire or Four Wire

How to do connection in ceiling fan ?

Ceiling fan is very commonly used electrical equipment used in our home, offices , hotels and shops. The purpose of fan is to circulate the air and provide us a comfortable zone for relaxing. Now a days multiple type and designs fan available in market for different price.

Ceiling Fan Details

Electrical Connection

First of all we must know internal connection of Fan so we can connect the fan properly. Check the Below Image , In image we can see internal area of fan. As three part as showing, One is the stator usally made of steel metal. And two type of winding are shown inner side of winding is Starting winding and outer side winding is running winding. Both Winding/coil having their starting point and end points, so each coil having two terminal for connecting. Two terminal for starting winding and 2 terminal for running winding.

To See internal connection check below image in which connection diagram is shown. In which we connect one point of starting coil and one point of running coil joint together and take a common point where neutral wire of supply will be connected and on other hand a capacitor is connected in between of both winding and will create two point for both coil. in which phase to be connected. Phase will be connected to running winding thtough capacitor. for Better understand same will describe below in practical connection of fan.

Fan winding Connection Diagram

Working principle of electric Fan

Electric fan working on electromagnetic induction. Which converts electrical energy into mechanical enegry.This is basically a single phase induction motor. As we know to start a motor rotating magnetic field required but in single phase no rotating magnetic field available due to single phase system. So we use a capacitor in series of running winding for phase displacement. which create phase difference in both winding and create rotating magentic field and fan starts moving.

How to do connection in ceiling Fan with electrical Supply ?

Now understand the practical connection of Fan.

Oringinal Fan

Whenever we purchase a fan market. there u will see a white connector as shown in image. Interal connection are already done by the manufacture of fan inside the fan, We have to done only outer connection. We will see three wire comes out from internal side of fan. As we discussed above, we joint two terminal together and made a neutral connection that is connected in lower side of connector as shown in image. and other two points of coils are aconnected to capacitor. Upper side wire is coming from running coil connected through capactor and 2nd point in middle of connector is coming from starting winding.

On other side of connector having only two terminals. In which on upper side phase wire will be connected and lower side neutral wire will be connected.

We have to take care that Phase should be connected in runnig winding. If phase connected to starting winding/coil phase shift will reverse. And our fan starting running in reveres direction.


Hope this will help you understand the connection of Ceiling Fan.



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