What is Faraday’s Law’s ?

Faraday’s Law is related to electromagnetic induction. This law discovered by Mr Michael Faradys and due to this we called these laws the Faradays Law. These laws plays a very important roles in history of electriricty. There is two laws given by Mr Faraday about electromagnatic induction.

What is Faraday’s Law ?

Faraday’s First Law

Faradays first laws stats that whenever a conductor is placed in varying magnetic field, Electomotive force (EMF) is induced in the conductor. And if we closed the circuit, current is induced in conductor called induced current.

Refer to below Image .There is Magnet in which magentic lines are coming out from North pole to south poles. There are multiple magnetic lines surronding the magnet. When we place a conductor nearby of this magnetic field and if this magnetic field are changes then according to Faradays first law EMF is induced in the conductor. And when we closed this circuit as ahown in image and connect to Galvanomater it shows value of induced current.

Faraday First Law

How many ways Magnetic Field changes ?

As Faraday’s First EMF in induced in conductor when magnetic field changes, now see how magnetic field changed.

  1. If we changes the area of coil placed in Magnetic field , means if change the Area of coil shown in image that magnetic field intensity will changes
  2.  If we rotate the coil placed in nearby/ related to magnet.
  3. By Moving magnet towards or away from coil.

Faraday’s Second Laws

According to faradays second law induced EMF in the coil is equal to rate of change of flux linkage.

It means if want to change the induced EMF then flux linking to coil changed. Which rate of flux changes, EMF will changes accordingly.

Magnetic flux also changes as magnetic filed changes. See below equation

ε= N ΔΦ/Δt

ε is Electomotive force and Φ is the magnetic flux and N is the number of turn


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