What is Wind Ventilator/ Turbo Ventilator. Complete details.

What is Wind ventilator ?

Wind ventilaor are like exhaust fan in our home. We know the use of exchaust fan in our home. Similarily wind turbine are.

Wind turbine used on industries roof (Shown in image) to remove the hot air / polluted air and act as a ventilation system. We know multiple machine working in the industries and as machine runs, its produces heat in surrouded area. Results of it air becomes hot and its hard to work in the that hot area. To remove this hot air we use wind ventilator

How its work ?

When the air got hot, density of air becomes low and it moves to upper side in direction to the roof. And there we have already installed Wind ventilaor. And air collected near to the ventilator. Turbine ventilators having metal vents as we can see in image. When air try to escape from this ventilator, it push the ventilator in backword direction and start revolving. and start its working to remove hot air from inner side and works like exhaust fan. So after this hot air removes from the Ventilator and fresh air from window and door comes inside. and this process are continue all the time


This is available in two sizes 12 ” to 24″ in width. And averarge height we can say about 16″. The steel size used in are of 24-Gauge with thrust type oil impregnated ball bearings.

As details given , its not required any electrical connection to start it. Very Cheap and east installation with high efficiency. Not required too mcuh space .

These type of turbines are effective in only windy conditions ans required regular maintenance

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