What is Magnetic Flux ?

Magnetic Flux

Magnetic Flux means Number of magnetic field line passing through a surface.

It is the measurement of total magnetic field lines that are passes through a given surface/medium.

It is very important term in the filed of electo magnetic chapter and under the laws of Faraday’s.

Magnetic flux unit and symbol

The SI unit of magnetic flux is Weber and donated (wb). It means magnetic flux measurements are in weber.

Magnetic flux donated using greek letter Phi (ΦB).

Magnetic Flux

As the shown in image : Magnetic field lines passing are passing through a given surface. in the image we can see 5 number of magnetic lines are passing through surface. The Magnetic flux says 5.

So the number of mangnetic field lined passes through a surface called Magnetic Flux.

Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetic flux density(B) is defined as the force acting per unit current per unit length on a wire placed at right angles to the magnetic field.

In simple terms, it is the Magnetic Flux per unit area positioned perpendicular to the Magnetic Flux. Magnetic Flux Density is a Vector Quantity. It is represented by B.

Magnetic Flux Formula

ϕB = B.A = B A cosθ

Where ϕ is the angle between Vectors A and B.

Factors effecting Magnetic Flux

  1. Magnetic field strength. As much magnetic field strength is strong , magnetic flux will be more.
  2. Area of Surface : Higher the area of surface higher the magnetic flux
  3. Angle between the filed lines and the surface



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