What is Neon Tester ?

Neon Tester

Neon voltage testers  or neon circuit testers are used to know whether voltage is present or not,  they don’t tell you how much voltage is flowing through a circuit or line. They have a small body with a neon light inside it and two short wire leads with a metal probe on each end. This device does not need any battery to opearate it,  that’s making it a dependable tool.

Battery Based Neon Tester

Now, the Neon Tester is a available in variable non-contact voltage detector type , A proximity device which detects the presence of an alternating electric or electromagnetic field.

It is widely used by industry professionals for live or dead voltage determination of outdoor overhead or underground at URD test points. Firstly as a proximity device to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the source has physically reached the zero AC field. This is the only equipment capable of testing all voltage for High volatges.


Neon Testor


  • Detection of Voltage presence on Overhead Power line.
  • 2 in one function. Can also be used to detect level of induction voltage present in the uncharged line.
  • High Intensity flashing Light & Buzzer Indication
  • Sensitivity Adjustment in several steps
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Operation
  • Range upto 765kV
  • Automatic Continuous Inbuilt Self Check function
  • Universal Sunrise Connector
  • Wide Voltage source ranging from 415 V to 765kV AC.

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